Robert Hogan

I have been training with Pete since September 2008. Since I am a runner from way back aerobic capacity and lower body strength are not so much
of a problem for me but I wanted to improve my flexibility, balance and upper body strength. Pete has done a very nice job of crafting a program for me and showing me
new areas and circuits I would never discover on my own. I must say once or twice I have gotten too enthusiastic in our sessions and strained
some muscle or other but Pete has always listened and adapted the program to reflect. Also I live in a world with very little American culture in it.
A weekly session with Pete, an American and former marine, helps me reconnect with many American things I would otherwise never hear about.

DISCLAIMER: The following are all unpaid testimonials of clients who have trained with Pete Carey's The Fitness Code. There is No guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary of your personal training according to each individuals program.

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