Jake Moore

I worked with Pete for the two years that I was in Tokyo in the gym and the pool. Starting out with strength training for the first time, Pete was an ideal coach. We worked hard on core conditioning and I went from not be able to do more than a few sit ups to doing a 20 minute abs workout ending with 100 sit ups. We started strength training with lighter weights and high reps. After a few months adding in some heavy work. After two years my strength on the core strength lifts nearly doubled, I lost fat and added muscle mass. We also spent a good time in the pools. With a background in swimming I had gotten bored with swimming lengths and didn't think Pete could get me back into it. I was wrong; we did some of the toughest and most enjoyable sessions I have ever done. Thanks Pete!

DISCLAIMER: The following are all unpaid testimonials of clients who have trained with Pete Carey's The Fitness Code. There is No guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary of your personal training according to each individuals program.

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