Mark Stephan

I first started training with Pete in September 2006. I had always wanted to run a marathon but would never make it through the training. I would always end up with massive shin splints or some other injury. After discussing my goal with Pete, we set out a workout schedule to allow me to complete my training injury free and thus run my first marathon. I worked out with Pete twice a week on top of my running schedule. My marathon goal was to break the 4 hour mark. Pete had me injury free and ready for my first marathon 5 months later. I ran the Tokyo Marathon in February of 2007 and my time was 3h27m.

After the marathon, I decided to continue my training with Pete. Not because he kept me injury free but because he had me feeling great overall. He worked on my flexibility, core, diet and my general well being. I actually bumped my workouts with Pete up to 3 times a week after the marathon. I kept the regiment up until I left Tokyo in November of 2008. Since this time I have not been able to find another fitness expert that is comparable to Pete and my running times and overall well being are showing the effects.

If you are truly interested in attaining a more healthy, better overall fitness and well being level then I could not recommend anyone else more highly than Pete.

DISCLAIMER: The following are all unpaid testimonials of clients who have trained with Pete Carey's The Fitness Code. There is No guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary of your personal training according to each individuals program.

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