Phillip Spatz

In the 10th grade I was chosen to play on my high school varsity basketball team, which led to trouble with knee and wrist pain. I decided to re-think my approach towards physical fitness. Pete seemed like the perfect solution with all his qualifications and experience. Six years and a healthy pair of wrists and knees later I still train with Pete. This might be partly due to his open and social nature but I mainly attribute this to his ability to adapt to my constantly changing training needs whether it is in regards to nutrition, weights, stretching or vague questions like which exercises to do in order to get the Brad Pitt body in Troy. Anyone interested in living a more enriched, healthier life should get on board with Pete and The Fitness Code.

DISCLAIMER: The following are all unpaid testimonials of clients who have trained with Pete Carey's The Fitness Code. There is No guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary of your personal training according to each individuals program.

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