Daniel Delhomme

"I've been training with Pete since June 2009, and he has introduced me to a different way of training, not focusing on gym work or lifting weights. Starting with an assessment of posture and gait, he works on core fitness, joint stability, flexibility and balance, then adds strength and endurance training to each session. It's as demanding as you want it to be and Pete is a great motivator who always gets you through the sessions. 'It only hurts while your doing it' is one of Pete's favorite lines! I highly recommend Pete, and it wasn't until I started training with him that I truly understood the value of a good Personal Trainer."

DISCLAIMER: The following are all unpaid testimonials of clients who have trained with Pete Carey's The Fitness Code. There is No guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary of your personal training according to each individuals program.

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